The best travel luggage in 2021 everyone needs

With options for every different personality, budget, and style, there has never been a better time to invest in luggage than now.

At Luggage Fit we believe that the best travel luggage in 2021 has to be beautiful, practical and adapted to the needs of today's travelers. Design, quality materials, and efficient, customizable packaging space are critical to a successful travel experience, no matter how big or small.

So if you are looking for your ideal suitcase, stay here so that we can give you the best luggage options for this 2021.

Best Check-in Luggage: CHATELET HARD +


No more luggage damaged by customs ! The TSA-accepted combination lock enables to secure your luggage using your own 3-digit code and allows the Transport Safety Authority (TSA) to open your luggage using a special key, without damaging it. The bag is is also equipped with DELSEY's patented zip SECURITECH® 2 : this unique closing system is 3 times more resistant to intrusion than a conventional zipper and offers optimal security.